Novin Aviation has faciliated the launch of the first scheduled flights from region countries to Ankara. In 1995, the company has carried out feasibility studies for launching the direct Turkish Airlines flights from Washington D.C. and Los Angeles to Istanbul. In 2003, it has realizes scheduled flights from Moscow and Kiev to Ankara.


TCI Academy organizes training seminars and conferences in line with the demands and needs of institutions and develops national and international education projects.


Trustee Council of Investment, our new brand, develops and implements investment projects in areas that will provide high added value at home and abroad with the knowledge and ability of 25 years of experience.



Novin Aviation was established in 1994 in Ankara. In 1997, the company incorporated TCI organization to its body. Certified as a Group A travel agency, TCI Organization is a member  of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and TÜRSAB (Turkish Travel Agencies Association).

Having an experienced team and solution partnership approach, Novin Aviation has been providing aviation and organization services in line with demands of private and public sector. 

As of the 25th year of its establishment, it has been expanding its activities in the fields of aviation, education and investment at national and international level with its new brands "TCI Academy" and "Trustee Council of Investment". 



Foundation Year


Years of Experience


Our most important project is to launch direct flights from all regional countries to our capital Ankara in order to maximally utilize geographical position and potential of our country, which is located in the heart of Eurasia. Within this framework, our negotiations with potential investors continue. Our goal is to realize this project by 2020.

We are developing our international investment partnership by using our professional business contacts in order to take the tourism potential of our country to another dimension. We provide investment partnership to entrepreneur Turks in the Western countries, especially in the UK, Canada and the USA.



Novin Aviation Inc.

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